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Tiny Greens,
Huge Nutrition

When microgreens offer you 40x more nutrients than your average greens, why opt for the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary?

Don't miss out on this info

Just one tablespoon of microgreens gives you as many nutrients as a whole cup of regular vegetables.

Excellent source of vitamins and minerals

May help prevent or reduce cancer activity

Full of antioxidants

Don't let supermarkets set the bar

Get freshly harvested microgreens delivered within a day, ensuring better quality than the often wilted, mass-produced greens from supermarkets.


Embrace local agriculture

Every time you buy food, you can help change global farming. Choosing local, sustainable produce not only nourishes you but also supports a healthier environment for the future.

Stay in control of your health

By choosing fresh, locally sourced microgreens, you prioritize your well-being and stay energized all day. These nutrient-rich greens take your meals to a new level of health.


Our Greens

These are some of the microgreens we grow at the farm.

“Very good quality of microgreens. We tried them with pumpkin soup, salads, and as decorations of Christmas dishes. I truly recommend to try them."

Agne, Žirmūnai

Experience tiny but mighty greens

Give it a try and taste them this week.

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